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23 August 2015

Blog General #2

My first post after nearly one year of inactivity on this blog. This place averages 2 visitors/day at best so it's no big deal.

Regardless, I will be writting about my work on the MTA server very soon after this post to explain what is going on and what has been changed. In the meantime, I'll leave some of my personal fleet eye candy from 艦隊これくしょん (Kantai Collection) browser game down below.

This game is one of the reasons why I became inactive for so long.

28 August 2014

Blog General #1

I haven't been very active on the blog for a while now, however I have been doing some 'background work' related to the MTA server... filling up information on the spreadsheets, as well as the usual resource testing.. technically there is nothing much I can show now, once I deem I have enough content to showcase I'll compile everything into a large blog post. Until then I'll leave this relatively old screenshot here, one of my favourites:

Oh and also, I'd like to inform that I'm planing on running a new gamemode inside the server in order to replace the old stale Free Roam. But this of course will depend a lot on how the gamemode behaves with the current server structure, as well as how much impact the MTA updates and resources will have working alongside it.

I'm really, really anxious about this one.

12 August 2014

Work Release - MTA IA Theme

I've updated one of my MTA themes with the following:
  • New background
  • Corrected spelling mistakes within the theme's Japanese language

Kudos to MTA Forum user Wolfpire for his amazing help spellchecking.

This theme, along with other work I have previously released, can be found on the 'Downloadable Content' page located under 'Navigation'.

10 August 2014

ON-エミュレーション Development Log #5 - Several changes have been made

The following changes have been made:
  • [OTHER] A New Police force logo has been created and applied to all the law enforcement vehicles inside the server. I wasn't satisfied with the old one.
  • [VEHICLE] Ford Crown Victoria POLICE Interceptor - replaces the old BMW 525i Touring police car.
  • [VEHICLE] 'New Police Maverick' - a generic helicopter of higher quality that will replace the old police Bell OH-58 Kiowa.
  • [VEHICLE] Aston Martin DB5 - a higher quality model that replaces the previous DB5 the server was already running.
  • [VEHICLE] x4 Airport logistic trailers have been added to the server.


^ Screenshot showcasing the recoloring capabilities of the police fleet ^

It was a rather satisfactory weekend of work, with a lot less setbacks and headaches than usual. Hopefully next week will be even better.

08 August 2014

ON-エミュレーション Development Log #4 - 2 New Mods Added!

The following mods have been added to the server:
  • [VEHICLE] Toyota FJ Cruiser - this is a definitive replacement to the low quality Range Rover Evoque mod the server was previously running.
  • [VEHICLE] Banshee Rampant - it's a free-style mountain bike, and a new addition to the server

A little side note:
Taking into account the fact that the server is currently running an astonishing amount of 156 hand-picked vehicle mods, I reached a conclusion that, right now, I need to set my focus into replacing mods that I deem of unsatisfactory quality in order to meet and preserve the standards of the server.

These are the issues I'll be on the lookout for:
-Poor specular mapping
-Lack of default license plate support (in vehicles that support it in the first place)
-Poor texture mapping
-Shader incompatibility
and so forth...

07 August 2014

Gran Turismo 5 Photography #4 - Hey look what I found

Pictures from my old Gran Turismo 5 cars, more specifically, a Lexus IS F Hatsune Miku homage and the Black-Eye Purple Metallic Lamborghini Aventador!

05 August 2014

New version of Multi Theft Auto has been released! - 1.4

The complete changelog can be found here:

Not much to comment about, the update is pretty good, it addresses a lot of issues and introduces a lot off new small features.

I'm very thankful for what this update brings, however, I'm a bit disapointed by noticing that Eir and Awesomium are not included in it.
Vocaloid - Hatsune Miku