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08 August 2014

ON-エミュレーション Development Log #4 - 2 New Mods Added!

The following mods have been added to the server:
  • [VEHICLE] Toyota FJ Cruiser - this is a definitive replacement to the low quality Range Rover Evoque mod the server was previously running.
  • [VEHICLE] Banshee Rampant - it's a free-style mountain bike, and a new addition to the server

A little side note:
Taking into account the fact that the server is currently running an astonishing amount of 156 hand-picked vehicle mods, I reached a conclusion that, right now, I need to set my focus into replacing mods that I deem of unsatisfactory quality in order to meet and preserve the standards of the server.

These are the issues I'll be on the lookout for:
-Poor specular mapping
-Lack of default license plate support (in vehicles that support it in the first place)
-Poor texture mapping
-Shader incompatibility
and so forth...

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