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10 August 2014

ON-エミュレーション Development Log #5 - Several changes have been made

The following changes have been made:
  • [OTHER] A New Police force logo has been created and applied to all the law enforcement vehicles inside the server. I wasn't satisfied with the old one.
  • [VEHICLE] Ford Crown Victoria POLICE Interceptor - replaces the old BMW 525i Touring police car.
  • [VEHICLE] 'New Police Maverick' - a generic helicopter of higher quality that will replace the old police Bell OH-58 Kiowa.
  • [VEHICLE] Aston Martin DB5 - a higher quality model that replaces the previous DB5 the server was already running.
  • [VEHICLE] x4 Airport logistic trailers have been added to the server.


^ Screenshot showcasing the recoloring capabilities of the police fleet ^

It was a rather satisfactory weekend of work, with a lot less setbacks and headaches than usual. Hopefully next week will be even better.

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