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ON-エミュレーション - MTA Server Info

What is it?

In short.. ON-エミュレーション (aka ON-emyurēshon, translated: ON-emulation) ...
Is a small private server for Multi Theft Auto, mainly focused on free roam and designed to offer a unique experience in online GTA San Andreas, 'emulating' content from other video games / digital media.

The Goals:

Make a unique MTA experience in every single possible be way , I seek to manipulate and transform how San Andreas, looks, plays and feels, turning it into a completely new open world game different from everything else seen before.
(/end of cliché phrase)

The server is currently running an astonishing 1.5GB worth of modifications... well over 300 different mods, ranging from vehicles to playable characters alone.

Why MTA?

✔ Open Source
The code is completely open to public, and this allows the community to collaborate towards the evolution of the mod.

✔ LUA language
More control over the elements of the game due to the fact that its a much more dynamic language when compared to SA-MP's 'pawno' language.

✔ Great optimization
Better synchronization amongst the elements of the game, and more control over its settings.

✔ Fantastic interface
MTA client has its own built-in in-game interface, making it really user friendly.

Server related Information

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